'16 and Pregnant' Finale Recap Shocker: Ashley's Adoption Dilemma

16 And Pregnant
On 16 and Pregnant, will Ashley pick baby Callie or college?

If you got pregnant at 16, would you keep the baby or give it up for adoption if you knew it would go to a good home? On the 16 and Pregnant season finale, that's the decision Ashley, a senior from McKinney, Texas, faces. She has big dreams of going to New York City to become a photojournalist. Hard to do with a baby in tow.

She needs to make a decision, and fast. She thinks adoption is the best bet for her, but can she go through with it?


It's a big decision. College and a normal life versus exhaustion with a newborn. Her mom is willing to help her out, but as a single mother herself, she works more than full-time. So they'd have to come up with the money for day care.

So Ashley talks to her ex-boyfriend Justin to see what he thinks. He'd like to be involved, but his mom kicked him out when she found out about the pregnancy, so he's been sleeping in his friend's car. When Ashley's aunt Lisa and uncle Kenny offer to adopt the baby, it seems like a no-brainer. But is it?

I can't even imagine carrying a child for nearly 10 months and then handing her over, even if it is to a member of my own family. To make that decision as a teenager would be shattering. And it is for Ashley, who gives up baby Callie and then falls into a devastating depression. She goes as far as to take the baby back. Irresponsible? Of course. Understandable? Definitely.

Obviously, this super-hard on adoptive parents Lisa and Kenny. But I guess it's a risk you take with adoption.

16 And Pregnant
Ashley's off to college in New York City.
Of course, parenting a newborn isn't as easy as they make it look on TV. And doing it while trying to tackle college applications is just laughable. Poopy diapers, 3 a.m. feedings. Ashley's incredibly frustrated with the whole situation. Mom can't be on duty at all hours because she's working 40-plus hours. And Ashley can't bear the thought of sending her to day care. This isn't living up to Ashley's fantasy of stay-at-home motherhood. She needs to do what's best for the baby -- and herself.

So she makes the decision to return baby Callie to her aunt and uncle. And in the end, she gets to go off to college in New York City, just like she planned.

Yeah, Ashley's decision is tough, but she got off easy. Members of her family stepped up to take on the responsibility and Ashley gets to see her little one whenever she wants. She gets to see her grow up. The situation is nothing compared to what Teen Mom's Tyler and Catelynn went through with little Carly.

It's no wonder MTV's got teens lining up to get pregnant so they can be on these shows. They frequently end up glorifying the best-case scenario, making things things look too easy.

Do you think MTV is glamorizing teen pregnancy? What would you do in Ashley's situation?

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