Christina Aguilera & Rihanna Too Racy for TV? Gimme a Break

After receiving more than 2,750 complaints from angry British viewers, the UK's Office of Communications (OfCom) is launching an official investigation to determine whether or not this month's performances by Christina Aguilera and Rihanna were too risque for The X Factor's family audience.

Oh god. Give me a break. Less than 3,000 complaints is nothing to write home about, especially considering the fact that more than 17 million viewers tuned in for this season's finale episode.

If people are so concerned with the performances being too offensive, then I wonder why they didn't heed the TV's warning when it blasted the following intro: "Treating us to 'Express' from her soundtrack album Burlesque -- it's Christina Aguilera!"

Thought process: Burlesque ... minimal clothing ... didn't she sing "Dirty"? ... Maybe I should move my 8-year-old away from the TV ...


If you ask me, this performance is nothing compared to the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident or even some of Christina's other performances -- so you see a little booty, big whoop. It's part of the act, people! How else do you expect this proud mom to attempt to get back in the game? (We'll do her a favor and ignore how horrible her hair is though.)

Oh ... and Rihanna's performance is fine. It's actually more than fine. She's youthful. She's playful. She may be wearing minimal clothing, but that comes with the territory. Did anyone watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Where's the jury on that one?

There are much worse things on TV besides these performances. Blood and violence on criminal justice thrillers, sex and our favorite Glee stars, and even the nightly news. It's time to get a grip across the pond.

Do you think these performances were too racy for family audiences?

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