Julianne Hough Video Wasn't 'Kinda Banned,' Says CMT

Julianne Hough Banned VideoShe’s a two-time Dancing With the Stars champ. She’s the lead in the upcoming remake of Footloose. She’s romantically linked with American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest. And according to the singer herself, Julianne Hough, she's too hot for Country Music Television. The star recently told a concert crowd that her "Is That So Wrong?" video was "kinda banned" because she took off too many clothes.
In an industry known for naughty behavior and freewheeling stars, could this be true? Or is Hough just looking for attention by starting her own rumor?
Take a look at the video and judge for yourself whether it’s too hot for TV -- even country TV -- and see what CMT has to say.


It’s tough to track down the video, and we can’t post it here due to copyright issues. But you can view it here.

If you’re worried about clicking over to that maybe-too-hot vid, well, here’s the upshot: Hough is a dancer, and she does some pretty snazzy splits and spins in a living room, atop a couch, and whatnot. Then the top comes off, and she somersaults onto a bed in her bra and cutoff shorts. It’s reminiscent of that classic Whitesnake video where Tawny Kitaen dances on the hood of a car -- and no spicier, as far as I can tell.
Is it too hot? Yes and no. Hough has a killer bod, and ballroom dancing is notorious for slinky costumes designed to show off curves and muscles. On the other hand, some of the choreography is downright pole-dancey, and I’d be bummed if my daughter thought all her ballet classes were preparing her for ... this.
But the bottom line is -- no. CMT didn’t ban the video. According to their official spokeswoman, Lisa Chader, “We world-premiered the video back in July,” and then “took it down shortly thereafter due to ongoing contract negotiations with Julianne’s label, Universal Music Group.”
But can you blame a gal for making the most of a contract dispute -- and being proactive to get her own much-needed attention? Go on, girl!


Image via juliannehough.com

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