Eric Braeden Wreaks 'How I Met Your Mother' Havoc!

Eric Braeden
Hi. I'm a D-Bag.
OMG DRAMAZ! Eric Braeden has turned the set of How I Met Your Mother into a soap opera, with arguments, intrigue, and complete diva meltdowns!
Well, sorta. The gossip flying around today has to do with Eric Braeden, a “star” of The Young and the Restless (ironic quotes because hello, daytime television?), backing out of a cameo on the hit prime-time sitcom (on his own network, no less!) because his part wasn’t big enough.
Gosh, I never heard of a guy announcing that his part wasn’t big enough.


Anyway, Braeden has been on How I Met Your Mother before, playing Robin Scherbatsky Senior (Robin’s dad) in 2008. I’m not a fan of soap operas, but the guy is quite suave and debonair. There’s no YouTube of this appearance, but here he is, talking to Geraldo Rivera about Prop 19, demanding that pot be legalized (so he can't be all bad!).


No official spokesperson from the show has commented, but you know who you can always count on for a confidential word on your Twitter? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris:!/ActuallyNPH/status/15830358280896512

And a follow-up:!/ActuallyNPH/status/15831219300208640

Wondering who that replacement guy is? He’s equally suave and debonair Ray Wise, star of (prime-time) Reaper. Though in my heart, he’ll always be Leland in the supremely creepy miniseries Twin Peaks:

Do you think Eric Braeden is a D-bag? Should he have known better than to snub one of the top sitcoms on TV?

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