'Burn Notice' Season Finale Recap: When Enemies Attack

Burn NoticeThe Burn Notice season finale was action-packed! Gun fights, fist fights, a bunch of returning guest stars, a car chase that turned into an explosion (how awesome was that?!). It was also an emotional roller coaster for the team as they dealt with Marv's death, Brennen's return and manipulation, Larry's return and craziness, good plans gone wrong, and hostage situations. Basically, it was everything we love seeing on Burn Notice, all crammed into two hours.

There was no side job, so the main storyline was front and center. Brennen wants Michael to kill somebody from the list of people who burned him, and has Larry watch over. If Michael doesn't do it, Brennen will get Vaughn to come after him, and nobody wants to be on Vaughn's bad side.

Meanwhile, the team is able to figure out where Brennen hid the list. Larry doesn't have a cool team, so maybe he's jealous, but he decides to go rogue and kill Brennen after they finish their job.

Then it gets interesting ...


They manage to get away from Larry with the list and go into hiding. Their plan is to hide the file somewhere nobody can get to, but that's interrupted when Vaughn's people come blazing through. The team gets caught in a car chase and blows up Michael's car to create a roadblock. It doesn't end up working, but it sure is fun to watch!

Sam and Maddie talk to Congressman Kelly who Maddie went to for help once before. They want to give him the list, but as soon as he starts making calls, his people say he needs to go into protective custody. Sam convinces him to go with him instead and they disappear for a bit.

By this point, Michael, Fi, and Jesse have taken cover in an abandoned hotel, surrounded by Vaughn and his people. All of their attempts at escaping completely fall apart, but Michael decides to surrender when he finds out they've got Maddie. He gives Jesse the list and goes on a suicide mission to let them get away. Fi turns back to die with Michael a la Romeo & Juliet, but suddenly the place is swarming with armed forces that Congressman Kelly was somehow able to conjure up. (Seriously, how did that even happen? He ditches protective custody yet nobody questions him when he calls up the troops?)

So here's where we're at: Brennen's dead, Larry's ... somewhere, Vaughn's arrested, Michael and his team are fine, the list is with Michael.

Suddenly some men show up and take Michael away. In the close-up shot of him kissing Fi goodbye, we don't see what he does with the list. But that's soon forgotten because Michael arrives in D.C. and is apparently back in as a spy!

We'll have to wait until this summer to see what on earth is going to happen, but at least we got a satisfying season finale. Now let's just hope Jesse stays with the team so that I can enjoy next season as much as I did this one.

Did you enjoy the Burn Notice season finale? Where do you think the story will go next season?


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