Heidi Jones Reneges Rape Story: What Is She Covering Up?

Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones, a local New York meteorologist for ABC, was just popped for confessing that she made up the attempted rape assault in Central Park she reported a few weeks ago.

Is there any worse kind of story to read, particularly for women, than one about a woman who admits to making up a rape story? I don't think so. These types of false reports just feed the frenzy of finger pointing that goes on against actual rape victims who cannot "prove" a rape occurred. Not only that but stories like this instill unnecessary fear in women -- like every woman who runs in Central Park and passes a Hispanic man, for instance.


Like good cops, the police investigators checked out Jones's story, which also included a second storyline about the same man showing up outside her apartment to harass her after the rape attempt. Investigators sought surveillance video, suspects matching the description, and possible witnesses, and came up short. That's when Jones admitted she had lied.

Heidi Jones appears to have had a budding career as a broadcast journalist. She even filled in on Good Morning America from time to time. Her employer WABC has now suspended Jones pending an internal investigation. One might wonder, why would a bright woman like Heidi with seemingly everything going for her make up such a story and risk jeopardizing her professional career?

The New York Post sources report:

Jones said she concocted the tale in a plea for sympathy to counter some unknown setback that she was experiencing in her personal life ...

Some will say she probably just wanted attention to boost her career. Others will say she needed to account for where she was when she should have been somewhere else. That the rape story is a cover-up for something else she's trying to hide.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that perhaps there's something else she really wanted to tell the world through this blatant cry for help. Maybe she's severely depressed. Maybe there's someone at work who has been harassing her. Maybe she really was raped by someone she knows and is truly scared to press charges. Maybe she's trying to work out some sort of sexual assault from her past.

Whatever she's covering up, it has to be big, right?

Heidi Jones has been charged with a misdemeanor and must appear in court next month. She could face a year in prison for false reporting.

What are your thoughts so far on this story? Do you think Heidi Jones was seeking fame or is covering some larger emotional issues up?


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