Is 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Pregnant Again?

According to reports, Amber Portwood of MTV's Teen Mom is again with child. If the reports are true, then this would be the 20-year-old's second child and would come just days after she regained custody of her baby daughter Leah after being arrested for domestic violence.

And on what planet did having another baby -- especially a baby whose paternal origins are unclear, according to Star -- possibly seem like a good idea?

This is a woman who has been arrested for domestic violence, been openly lazy in her parenting on camera (why is baby Leah always in her crib while Amber is sleeping?), and been more than candid about her difficulties adjusting to her new life. She hasn't even been able to finish her GED so she can possibly give both her and her child a better future. And now another baby on the way? Seriously?


Here is the real question: Are horrible people more fertile or are they just less likely to remember to use birth control? Either way, Amber has a chance to be a good parent and a chance to grow out of her bad behavior, but that requires some real soul searching and work. It isn't something that comes easily, especially to a person with two children. 

This isn't a "birth or not" website where we decide whether Amber should keep this baby, even though, according to Star, "troubled Amber has been with so many guys in the past three months, she has no idea who the father could be." It's an ugly situation, but it isn't for us to say whether she should have the baby. Still, for her sake and Leah's, let's hope it's just a rumor.

Two babies are hard, even for moms in their early 30s with graduate degrees and careers. Why on Earth would you forget birth control when having a baby is such a clearly bad idea?

Can anyone explain this to me? Do you also hope this is false?


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