'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Nathan Chooses Video Games Over His Son

16 And Pregnant
Megan is a shy teenager who's never left her tiny town in Colorado. She has big dreams of going off to college, or maybe joining the military like her dad and her sister. But all of those plans have to wait -- because she's 16 and Pregnant. Her boyfriend Nathan is so obsessed with video games that his mom kicked him out over it. So he's moved into Megan's parents' house -- while her dad's away on duty. He's not happy about the living arrangements, or about the fact that he was told that his daughter was pregnant -- via email!


Her sister and her friends don't like Nathan very much either. They think he's stolen her dreams. "Before you could have done anything, anything in the entire world. Now you're very, very limited," says sister Moriah. "It's not going to be easy. And I think once the baby comes and things start getting rough, Nathan is going to split."

But Megan's got more important things on her mind. Like the homecoming dance. The next day, Megan's dad Frank sits them down for the big chat about "the plan" before he's shipped back overseas. Nathan doesn't have a job, and he's living with them. Frank suggests that Nathan join the air force. "You do what you gotta do," says Frank. "I used to say I'm not going to do this, I'm not going to do that. But reality changes your mind."

Megan misses her dad when he's gone, so she doesn't want Nathan to join the air force. But she also doesn't want him wasting his life away playing video games -- which seems to be his big plan. Even when he and Megan are supposed to be at a Halloween party at his parents' house. So Megan goes alone.

Meanwhile, Nathan's pal Tyler suggests he gets un-stuck by crashing with him to get some space. When Megan gets back from the party, Nathan's gone. So she goes to Tyler's to confront him. He tells her that if she wasn't pregnant, he'd be long gone.

So Megan has a long chat with her mom, and they decide that if Nathan leaves, he leaves. She's got a support system in her family -- and his.

When he bails at the shower -- which is at his parents' house -- big sister Moriah decides it's time for a chat about how Nathan plans to support his kid. "The fact that you're living off my dad's paycheck when he's over in Afghanistan doesn't thrill me," she tells him. "We have severe doubts about you."

To take her mind off things, Megan decides to streak her hair hot pink. WTF? Is this allowable at 36 weeks? I don't think so. But I guess teens will be teens. Anyway, as the due date nears, Nathan says he's been thinking and he wants to be "us, and not just you and me separate. I've got a lot of people counting on me to fail. And I don't like it. I realize I need to step up."

Megan buys it -- but I don't, even though he's supposedly been applying for jobs.

Then Megan's due date comes -- and goes. Nothing. Sister Moriah has to head back to base in North Carolina, and then she gets deployed to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake there. So she won't be around for the baby's birth. And after Haiti, they're likely to be sent to Afghanistan, so it might be a year before she gets to meet the baby. But Megan's dad Frank gets some time off to come home for the birth.

16 And Pregnant
Baby Blake
Still no baby, though, so Nathan and Megan look up ways to induce labor. Bouncing, jumping, castor oil -- and that might have just done the trick. The next morning, Megan's in labor. Five hours in, she's at 9 and a half. Six hours in, she's pushing. Eight hours, still pushing. And then, there's baby Blake, a beautiful little boy clocking in at 6 lbs., 14 oz.

Once they're home, Megan feels like baby Blake likes everyone else better than her. And Nathan's already being a bitch about everything, complaining about the work involved in, uh, being a father. He's still too busy playing video games. Instead, Grandpa Frank is picking up the slack. And Megan hasn't heard from her friends at all. She's bummed.

Right before she heads back to school, she finally gets a visit from her friend Kristen. But it doesn't make her feel any better about the whole situation. The night before she goes back, Megan's up till 6 taking care of little Blake -- because Nathan stayed up till 4 playing video games. She's wiped.

School's rough -- Megan misses Blake and can barely stay awake. But Nathan's still spending most of his time on the couch, playing video games or sleeping while grandma Yvette takes care of the baby. Yup, he still hasn't gotten a job. And he gives Megan attitude for bringing it up.

Nathan meets up with his pals to find out about a gig laying floors in Texas. Yes, Texas. Apparently, there's not a single job worthy of the kid in all of Colorado. Yup, essentially, he's ready to bail. And this is a good excuse. Okay, I'm just gonna say it. LOSER. Megan, you need to dump this idiot already. Maybe Nathan going to Texas is the best thing for both of them -- and for baby Blake.

Have you had to deal with long distance while pregnant or after your little one arrived? How did you handle it?

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