6 Holiday Gifts for the Gleek

Glee ChristmasIf your friend is a true Gleek, then they probably already own the Glee DVDs and have every song already downloaded onto their iTunes.

Hey, no one said holiday shopping was easy.

But we Gleeks are much more complex than simple singalongs -- we have a love of the arts, a knack for all things pop culture, and a keen sense of style.

So with that being said, here are 6 great gift ideas for your favorite Gleek:




Karaoke machine

iLive CD+G Karaoke Machine with iPod Dock $99.99 from Best Buy

Whether it's a subtle hint that they need to practice their singing before the new season starts, or just to encourage their love of music, any Glee fan will appreciate a karaoke machine.

Broadway sheet music book

The Big Book of Broadway $19.95 from Sheet Music Plus

I admit that I was always slightly annoyed when they sang Broadway songs because I had to sit quietly on my couch and watch instead of obnoxiously loudly sing along. Well, with this book, your Gleek can learn a ton of different Broadway songs. And not just for voice, for piano and guitar, too! It contains sheet music for all three on 70 songs from 48 different Broadway shows.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show $17.99 from Amazon

When I learned that Glee was doing a special Rocky Horror Picture Show, I about peed my pants. And the episode did not disappoint -- seriously, one of the best. But even the biggest Glee fan wouldn't have appreciated it to the extent it deserved without watching the original.


Hooded Flock Tracksuit $36 from Adidas

Let them tap into their inner Sue Sylvester and buy them a super comfy and stylish tracksuit. They'll be able to stay warm while watching their favorite episodes this winter. (Hateful yet lovable personality not included.)

Glee Prequel

Glee: The Beginning $10 from Amazon

There was a beginning? Of course there was, silly. Think the New Directions just magically formed (though the day they did sure was a magical day)? Before the rejects and popular kids got together to sing little diddies, they were, well, the rejects and popular kids. This warm-up prequel tells how Puck and Quinn started their secret romance and what the Glee Club was like before Mr. Schue came along.


'Glee' in Vintage Letterpress $28 from Etsy

This may be the home decor junkie in me, but how pretty are these antique typeset letters?! It's a subtle and chic way to declare our Glee love.

Have any Gleek friends on your shopping list this year?

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