Hugh Jackman Injured and Oprah's to Blame

As the sideburn-sporting hottie of badass Wolverine fame, you'd think Hugh Jackman would be used to crazy aerial stunts. Then again, maybe he typically uses a more coordinated stand-in, because an attempted zipline entrance on the set of Oprah’s television special in Australia went comically wrong, causing him to painfully crash into a lighting rig.

(You know what they say, Hugh: it's all fun and games until the Queen of Daytime Television makes you lose an eye.)


Oprah hosted a bunch of Aussie stars including Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Olivia Newton-John, and Bono (wait, Bono?), but apparently only Jackman had the ridiculous directive to come zip-lining onto the stage from the top of the Sydney Opera House. As he barreled over an audience of over 6,000 people, Jackman was unable to slow down as he got close to his landing spot. His foot banged into a studio light and a piece of debris flew into his face, causing a cut above his right eye.

Here's a short video of the action:

“That was so much fun until the end,” Jackman reportedly said, which is probably the manly Wolverine version of "Uh, I meant to do that."

The taping was stopped so he could be treated, which judging by the video footage, involved giving him a medicinal glass of red wine.

I'm glad Mr. Jackman is okay and all, but jeez, for such a burly action guy, this sure is the wimpiest injury
ever. "Oh, this?" *gesturing carelessly to facial scar* "Got it on the set of Oprah. Yeah, pretty painful. Luckily they had a really nice Merlot on hand."

Image via YouTube

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