Lucy Lawless & Her Breasts to Co-Star on 'Spartacus'

Lucy LawlessSo Lucy Lawless, who used to play Xena: Warrior Princess, is going to return for Season 2 of a TV show on the Starz network, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. This was burning up the Internets, which confused me, because ... Lucy Lawless? On cable? Who cares!
Then I figured out why everyone cares. Lucy Lawless -- age 42 -- appeared nude in some spicy sex scenes in last season’s show, and people are buzzing that she’ll do it again.
To which I say: You perverts! And also: Yay!


I’m not saying Lucy Lawless and I are the same age, because a lady never tells. But let’s just say hypothetically that I looked her up on Wikipedia and found that we were born less than a year apart.
Now, I’m not one to cheer for objectifying women. But it has been disheartening to feel like I was aging out of the desirable years. I don’t really feel older. In fact, oddly, I felt ancient, jaded, and disappointed with life when I was 25, and in comparison, almost 20 years later, I now feel downright excited about each new day.
Is it the new babies? The years of hard living giving me an appreciation for what I’ve got? Has vanity gotten the better of my feminism, or have I decided being naked and gorgeous (in a classy way) isn’t anti-feminist?

I can’t figure all of that out. All I know is, people are gawking at a mom my age, and that makes me feel like I’m still somewhere on the hotsy-totsy map. Or I would be, if I had Lucy Lawless’ personal trainers ... uch. Why’d I have to go and ruin it!
What do you think of middle-aged women as sex symbols?

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