'Amazing Race' Finale: Let's Hear It for the Ladies!

Season 17 castIn Season 17 of The Amazing Race, contestants traveled as far as Ghana and South Korea, they joined the circus and dressed in babushka-style drag, they ate sheep's head, and yes, one of them even got nailed in the head (poor Claire will never look at watermelon the same). But the most exciting feat came last night when two contestants made history.

Nat and Kat, the doctor duo from Scottsdale, Arizona, clinched the million bucks and became the first all-female team to win The Amazing Race.

So how did they do it? Their calm, laid-back style helped them sail all the way to the finish line.


The three remaining teams (Nat & Kat, Brook & Claire, and Thomas & Jill) landed in LA and the docs pulled ahead right from the start. Yet it could have been anyone's game through the bungee and parade float challenges. It was the 3-question clue that really set the teams apart.

Nat and Kat kept their cool and solved the riddle by asking a 411 operator to look up answers. "Please, I'm in a race for lots of money," Nat explained over the phone. Amazingly, the operator didn't seem surprised by this. After years of reality TV viewing, maybe we've all been conditioned to react appropriately when we get our inevitable call from a contestant on Cash Cab or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Yes, of course you're in a race around the world to win a million bucks. So, what's the question?

Brook and Claire had the right idea to stop at a hotel to use a computer, but it took too long and even their cheetah hot pants couldn't help them speed into first place.

Thomas and Jill, however, completely fell apart here. While they were unlucky to pick the only cab driver in America who has never heard of the Internet, they didn't do much to fix the situation. Thomas let his frustration get the best of him and Jill switched back and forth between pouting and belittling the driver, "No, no we need to get to a COMPUTER. That's GPS. That's not a computer!"

While admittedly I wanted Brook and Claire to win (mostly, I just wanted to see Brook's victory dance), there's something really nice about the docs taking the title. Not only is it impressive that Nat, a type 1 diabetic, traveled around the world while managing her health, these ladies were the only teammates who never once showed even mild irritation towards the other. Nat and Kat were two drama-free, strong, intelligent women and that's what it took to win.

But ... Brook and Claire will be back for the upcoming fan-favorite season, The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. Bring on the flare!

Did you watch the finale? Are you happy that the docs won? Which teams are you excited about seeing back next season?


Image via CBS.com

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