Lisa Ling Talks Miscarriage & Heartbreak on 'The View'

Kim Conte

lisa lingOrdinarily, The View makes me want to spoon my eyes out and saw off my ears with a butter knife. But every once in a while they have great guests and emotional interviews -- today was such an occasion.

Former View host Lisa Ling, 37, returned to the show Friday and opened up to the other ladies about her miscarriage six months ago. She was told after nine weeks of being pregnant that her baby had no heartbeat. Here she shares her painful experience:

It was so shocking for me as someone who is very ambitious and, in my head, competent person to have had this happen, I felt like such an incredible failure, and I felt so alone when it happened.

When Lisa began talking to her close friends about her loss, she discovered that almost every one of these women had a similar story -- they just never talked about it.


As a result of her heartbreaking experience, Ling (along with a business partner) has started a website, Secret Society of Women, where women can anonymously share their thoughts -- about miscarriage and other topics like body image, relationships, and work -- openly and without fear.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Ling a few years ago and was immediately struck by how intelligent, thoughtful, candid, and committed she is to each and every project she undertakes. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and talk about something -- miscarriage or anything -- that everyone else is afraid to discuss.

I'm sad for her loss, yet thrilled that she is using the experience to start a dialogue and help other women who need peace and comfort to find it.

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