'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael & Jesse Meet Their Match

Burn NoticeOne week away from the 2-hour season finale, Burn Notice took an exciting turn in the latest episode, "Dead or Alive." It was a great episode, and Sam's at the center of the story, taking on a side job to find his friend Kevin. The team's there to help, along with Pete, Kevin's partner.

They track down a drug dealer who tells them that he killed Kevin on Pete's orders. (Sam is none-too-pleased -- remind me never to get on his bad side.) Once they find out a cop is responsible, Sam convinces everyone that they have to clear his friend's name even if they are going against a cop. They use the drug dealer to set Pete up, having him meet Michael to buy the rest of the drugs he has to move. And then, ladies and gentlemen, came my favorite part of the episode, likely my favorite scene so far this season ...

When Pete starts to back away from the drug deal, Michael lights a ring of fire around them. That's right: a ring. of. fire. He calls it the ring of trust. Badass.


Needless to say, Pete agrees. They scare him again by making it seem that Kevin is actually still alive and that he's being investigated by Internal Affairs. He finally makes his move and tries to plant the drugs in Kevin's house, where Sam has brought the police to meet them.

As we've now grown accustomed to, the main storyline is pretty much dead until the last few minutes of the episode. Michael and Jesse try to enlist Marv's help to figure out what to do with the list of the people who burned Michael. They're hoping this will clear their names and let them get their jobs back. (Maddie and Fiona are not happy about that, but they're set on killing Michael if he leaves like that again.)

In the end, it turns out that Marv and his family were threatened and that he set them up by agreeing to meet with them. He takes the file with the list and as the car pulls away, Michael sees that his old nemesis, Tyler Brennen, is behind this. According to the clip for next week's episode, it's going to be a complete showdown with Brennen, Vaughn, and who knows who else. I can't wait!

But before I go, the best line of the night: Fiona says that if Michael's survival ever depends on his ability to understand relationships, he's dead in seconds. I heart Fiona.

Are you excited about the Burn Notice season finale? How do you think the season will end?


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