Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Choice Is Most Random

Barbara Walters and Justin BieberAfter all the anticipation and guessing, tonight Barbara Walters revealed the Most Fascinating Person of 2010, and it is ... General David Petraeus, top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.


Not that he's not fascinating, he is, but in the midst of all the other, uh ... fluffier choices on the list, it was a little random, to say the least. And frankly, you have to wonder if the good general is going to consider it a compliment considering his list mates include the likes of the Jersey Shore cast and Justin Bieber.

Just a guess here, but I bet they have no idea who Petraeus even is.

It's like Barbara read all the outcry about how ridiculous the original list was and then decided last minute to scrap Taylor Swift, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, or one of the front-runners of speculation and find someone substantial quickly so her list had some redeeming substance.


The other choice revealed tonight was Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg, which wasn't surprising. Nor was it surprising that he didn't even do an interview with Barbara.

Some other highlights:

The always-lovely Betty White in response to a question as to whether at 88 1/2 people have sex: "If one gets lucky I bet they do." And her one word to describe herself: "overexposed."

Justin Bieber said he still gets grounded by his mom and sang to Babs: "My favorite girl is Barbara Walters ..." Oh, and he said he's going to cut his hair soon -- I'll believe it when I see it.

The whole Jersey Shore cast there with Barbara Walters was just bizarre. The gang was on their best behavior, and Barbara did her best to try and understand them.

"When Barbara was speaking in our language that was frickin awesome," Snooki said. "She’s really hot in person."

Barbara's conclusion: "They are something. I don’t know what, but they are something."

Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous. Sarah Palin was defensive and annoying.

Overall, there were no big revelations made, nothing much new. In fact, I'd say THE most fascinating thing about the entire hour was how incredible Barbara Walters looks. The woman is 81 years old!

Did you watch the Barbara Walters Special? What did you think? What do you think of General Petraeus on the same list with the Jersey Shore cast?

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