Kate Gosselin + Sarah Palin = Reality TV Mash-Up

palinTake two of the biggest reality stars around -- Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin. Two women who have made a more-than-comfortable living by, let's face it, appearing on television and trotting their husbands and kids out on camera for the whole world to gawk at. Put them together on one TV show and what do you get?

Reality star mash-up.

It's television programming genius! Clearly we have a surplus of unscripted TV celebs. Rather than road test new ones, it's time to do a mash-up like music artists do ... let's stick two unlikely reality stars together and see what happens!

In the Gosselin/Palin case, it sounds like it turned out to be a snooze-fest -- with waaaay too many kids. In the previews, Kate goes camping with Sarah. Kate decides she hates camping. Kate gets in a snit and heads home. Poor Sarah is left stunned, shotgun dangling by her side.

We can do better than that. Much better. Let's create our own Reality TV Mash-Ups:


Real Housewives of Bevery Hills/Intervention Mash-Up:
Camille Grammer
enters a room and is ambushed by all the other housewives, soon-to-be-ex Kelsey, all four nannies, the multitude of employees who double as her friends, and her makeup artist. It's a narcissism intervention! Camille listens intently as the group lays out their concerns, and appears to accept that she has hit rock bottom. But it all falls apart at the last minute when the ex-dancer breaks down in tears. She can't take off in a plane to get the help she needs -- she doesn't have the right clothes packed. Curses! 

Keeping Up With the Kardashians/Top Chef Mash-Up:
, Khloe and Kourtney duke it out for the title. Khloe ekes out a win when Kourtney and Kim duck out mid-Quick Fire challenge for a mani-pedi. Kurses!

Rock of Love/Supernanny Mash-Up:
Bye-bye Bret Michaels ... hello Jo Frost. Everyone's favorite Supernanny boards the tour bus with all the groupies young ladies. Time-outs are dispensed, sex toys are confiscated. Name calling, binge drinking, and pole dancing cease. Several girls die of boredom. 

The Apprentice/Big Brother Mash-Up:
Candidates for The Apprentice are forced to co-habitate with Donald Trump and his kids in a house for a month. Would-be employees vote each other off. The remaining house guest will be compelled to actually live with the Donald for no less than one full year.

Wife Swap/Jersey Shore Mash-Up:
You guessed it. Contestants will be required to swap their spouse for either Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D., or The Situation. Let's face it -- the Wiccan episode would be a hoot.


What reality TV mash-ups would you like to see?

Image via Discovery TV

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