Secrets About Stedman Graham & Other Juicy Gossip From Barbara Walters Special

Oprah WinfreyIt's primed to be a fascinating night full of Barbara Walters tonight as she begins with the Oprah Winfrey special and delves into the mogul's professional and private lives, including her relationships with Stedman Graham and Gayle King.

Already we've gotten a preview of it -- Oprah tearfully refutes rumors that she's a lesbian, not even "kind of a lesbian." She also tells Walters that she and Stedman are still going strong and that he's the love of her life

I cannot say that I know of another man on this planet who could have lived this life with such dignity, such grace, and such respect and humility and still hold his own and be his own.

So with all that spilled ahead of time, what's left to be revealed on tonight's show? Surely, they saved something good.

Here are a few guesses/hopes about what Oprah may reveal as well as what the other guests on Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People special, which follows the Oprah show, might spill:


Oprah Wouldn't it be wonderful if Oprah announced that she and Stedman are engaged, or if he came on the show and actually proposed? It would be such a great way for her to end her talk show run and move on to the next chapter of her life. No, you don't have to be married to be happy, but can you imagine how incredible her wedding would be?

As for the supposedly fascinating folks:

Sandra Bullock While she's planning to spend the holidays with ex Jesse James, it's just for the sake of the kids, and she's been said to be looking for love. It would be lovely if she announced she's seeing someone ... someone good.

The Cast of Jersey Shore I already wrote about how horrified I am that they're on this list, and I'm not sure there's much that could shock us about that bunch anymore. Unless, of course, they're all going to rehab and donning chastity belts.

Kate Middleton Details, details, we want wedding details.

Betty White Perhaps she has decided to do the nude lesbian calendar with Jenny McCarthy. She's already done everything else. But really, she doesn't need to reveal anything to be fascinating, she just is.

LeBron James A virtual tour of his new $9 million Miami pad, which sounds incredible, would be nice, as would some insight as to the REAL reason he passed on the New York Knicks.

Sarah Palin She's given up politics to pursue a career in hunting? She's going to follow in Bristol's shoes and do her own stint on Dancing With the Stars? Who knows, but whatever she says I'm sure there will be something of which to make fun.

Jennifer Lopez It would be nice if she addressed whatever possessed her to ride around on a scooter in Cuba with no underwear flashing all in sight.

Justin Bieber Please let him shave his head right there in front of our eyes, then we'll know once and for all if it's his hair or his voice that got him this far.

Are you planning to watch the Barbara Walters specials tonight? Who are you most excited to see?

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