'Teen Mom' Has Gone Horribly Wrong

Amber PortwoodMTV's Teen Mom was good in theory -- to give teens a real-life look at just how difficult it is to be a teenage mother -- but instead of being a deterrent, it's actually encouraging teenage girls to get pregnant so they can be on the show.

There's been plenty of musing about how it glamorizes teen pregnancy since it and other shows like 16 and Pregnant first hit the air, but one of the saddest things I've seen in print came from Rob Shuter at PopEater:

... industry insiders tell me young ladies are so eager to be on reality TV that they are actually getting pregnant just to score an audition.

And why not? Amber. Farrah. They don't even need last names they're so famous. They grace magazine covers, and their every move and awful tattoo are analyzed the world over. Nine months of pregnancy and a kid for the rest of your life are a small price to pay for that, right?


It's heartbreaking that young girls are desperate enough for fame that they would alter their life in such an irreversible way and bring another life into the world for that purpose alone.

And what of all the girls who get pregnant for an audition and don't make it?

There are only so many slots to fill. So when they don't make it, then not only are their dreams dashed, but now they're 16 and pregnant and have no way to support their baby financially, emotionally, or otherwise.

I have a hard time bashing reality television and typically eschew Hollywood haters who say celebrities and television are leading to the demise of the country. No, Jersey Shore isn't going to contribute to world peace, but it's entertainment. Teach your children well, and they won't go out smooshing just because "The Situation" does.

The problem is too many parents aren't teaching the important things well enough -- self respect, confidence, self love -- or their message isn't strong enough to compete against the lure of fame and fortune.

Are you shocked that girls would actually get pregnant just to get an audition for these shows?

Image via MTV

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