'16 and Pregnant' Recap: When the Pageant Queen Gets Knocked Up

16 And Pregnant
On 16 and Pregnant, Kayla bonds with preemie Rylan

Kayla's days of being a "carefree Southern belle" are numbered -- because she's 16 and Pregnant. The former pageant queen from Alabama -- seems like a lot of these girls this season are from Texas or Alabama, no? -- has been with her boyfriend JR for all of six months, but they're about to get serious real fast, because he's old school, and she's already showing. 

Her parents aren't too thrilled about the situation, either. They're sad for what their daughter will have to go through, the fact that she'll have to grow up so fast.

But here's the thing: she's pregnant, but she still just seems so young. Like it hasn't hit her yet how this is going to change her life, that nursing school down the line might be a pipe dream, that they're not going to be able to make it on their own on JR's mechanic salary. She's just sad that she's going to have to leave her own mama, Bev. And she just wants to ride horses and think about pageants.


She's still calling pageant directors to see if she can do some after the baby comes. But pageant peeps don't want any baby mamas up on their stage.

By the time she's six months along, all the grandparents are crowded in the doctor's office to check out the latest ultrasound. They're all accepting and excited about baby Rylan's imminent arrival, but they worried about JR and Kayla's situation. So JR's parents offer up his grandparents home for them to make their own.

JR wants them married and living under the same roof, but Kayla doesn't feel like she's ready for that. She's already given up pageants and college. She's not about to give up her mama, too. But Bev explains that with a baby comes big time responsibility, and Kayla needs to trust that she and JR are in this together. She's gotta step up and be a grown-up now.

But mom Bev isn't all tough love. She arranges a special pregnancy photo-shoot for her pageant queen daughter, and JR comes along for a few shots -- then he gets down on one knee and proposes. Awww.

So now it's up to them to get their act together, plan the wedding, plan the big move, and plan for Rylan. And all of that is going to take a lot of cash. But before they can even start to worry about all of that, Kayla goes into labor -- five weeks early.

Turns out she's already 7 cm dialated, and there's no stopping baby Rylan Jayce, who's born just two hours after they get to the hospital. Rylan's a preemie clocking in at just 5 lbs, 7 oz., but he gets a clean bill of health.

16 And Pregnant
Baby Rylan
Everyone's thrilled that they've got a healthy baby boy, but he's put a bit of a kink in their plans. So JR moves in with Kayla's parents -- although Bev makes him stay in the spare room. "No more babies," she says, as if the new parents have any time for that. It's not an ideal situation, and JR still wants them to move out ASAP. But Kayla's learning that motherhood is exhausting, and so she wants her mama around more than ever. So she tells JR that she's not moving. She has to do what she thinks is best for her and the baby -- even if that's not what's best for her and JR's relationship.

Meanwhile, she's decided she's going to take Rylan horseback riding -- in the sling. Yup, at not even a month old. But she quickly learns it's not as easy to get back in the saddle (sorry -- I couldn't help it) as she thought it would be.

And now that Rylan's here, Kayla's not really feeling going back to school. She can't really relate to her friends anymore -- they're all focused on prom -- and she's not sure how to get back to how things used to be. But school's on again soon enough, and it's time to leave Rylan behind. JR's mom volunteers to watch him, but Kayla didn't realize just how hard it would be to leave him.

In the end, Kayla decides not to move out -- or marry JR. It's a startling decision, but one that works for her, even if it's breaking baby daddy JR's heart. He just wants to marry her, to make a little family, but you can't marry a child.

And Kayla's realizing she's still a child, even though she has a child. She's not ready to leave her mother, to move out and be a wife and mom.

Did you need/want your mom around more when you were pregnant?

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