Louis C.K. Says Black People Get to Complain More: Funny or Offensive?

My husband records a lot of late-night talk shows and while I've never been a fan of this genre, lately I find myself reluctantly getting interested in them. You really get a sense for the talent and intellect (or lack thereof) an entertainer has at their disposal when they sit down and field on-the-spot questions. For instance, based on their relative performances on Conan/Letterman: Russell Brand is a comedic genius; Jim Carrey, not so much.

I had a feeling Louis C.K. would do just fine on his Leno appearance last Friday, and sure enough, he made The Tonight Show newsworthy again, if only briefly. People are still talking about his controversial jokes from the show, and whether or not they were borderline offensive or just downright hilarious.


Towards the end of his interview, C.K. veered into typical eyebrow-raising territory, setting up a series of jokes about how his kids have it easy in America because they're "two little white girls." Leno tried to direct the conversation towards a safer topic (that being the holidays, because Leno has the interviewing creativity of a Zhu Zhu hamster), but C.K. kept going:

I'm not trying to say that if you're white you can't complain. I'm just saying that if you're black you get to complain more.

He went on to joke about how every year, white people add 100 years to how far back in history slavery occurred.

It was 140 years ago! And it didn't just end like a clean shit where you don't have to wipe.

Naturally, there's some backlash happening this week about that part of his routine, because ... well, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE INSANE. That shit was funny, and not only that, it's true.

See the video for yourself, and tell me what you think:

Is there anything to be offended about in what he had to say?

Image via Louis CK

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