'My Big Friggin' Wedding' Recap: Puking, Stripping & Other Bachelorette Highlights

My Big Friggin WeddingIt's obviously coming down to the wire for our favorite Jersey couples in My Friggin' Big Wedding. Last night's episode showcased some of the tougher topics of planning a wedding -- bachelorette parties, wedding day beauty, and entertainment. So how did our duos handle them?

Johnny puts Megin over the edge when he shaves his facial hair, which causes him to closely resemble porn star Ron Jeremy. But as he so cleverly points out, Ron Jeremy is an icon. Touche. He says it's for the wedding, he wants to beautify himself, too, ya know, but I think it's because he was still depressed from the fact that Megin's 6-year-old son sold more with his lemonade stand than Johnny did with his garage sale. So much for making all that extra $$ for the wedding. By the end of the episode, Megin is thisclose to calling it quits.


It ain't a bachelorette party until mom passes out drunk in the bushes. Right? And things were going so well for Alyssa, too. Party bus filled with hand-picked strippers -- check. Booze -- check. Girlfriends -- check. What more could a girl ask for? Next thing you know, an ambulance is driving up because mom won't wake up, while Alyssa with her gin-matted hair is crying in some unintelligible language, "Was goinon? Dismy bachelorette party and mom's dead puking inda bushes. Whatsam I supposed to do?"

But no worries, her girlfriend is on top of things. To make sure the camera doesn't film the MOB's less-than-stellar situation, she starts stripping, knowing that the crew can't film her naked. Brilliant. Now that's friggin' bridesmaid dedication.

Matt goes behind Amanda's back to book entertainment for the wedding. Just picture it -- what will surely be a classy and sophisticated affair, all of a sudden Lady Friggin' Gaga pops out! Okay, well, it's an impersonator, but still. This act will be epic.

Tammie finally succumbs to signing the pre-nup when Danny gives the ultimatum: NO PRE-NUP, NO WEDDING. After all, she hasn't had an ex take her snow blower down to Georgia; she can't possibly understand. So she gives in. But wait, she didn't sign her name, she printed it. Dum, dum, dum. Therefore, it doesn't count. She's smart.

Did you watch last night's episode? What did you think of it?

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