'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys': Gimmicky and Shallow

Shocking news, folks: there's a new reality show debuting this week. It's called Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and if you can read that without instantly getting that obnoxious Blur song stuck in your head-meat, you're a stronger person than I.

Girls is a Sundance Channel series that explores the friendships between a woman and her gay best friend. Well, a particular kind of woman, anyway, as evidenced in the promos; as well as, it seems, a particular kind of gay man.

The general premise appears to be the question of finding out what it is about these relationships that works so well. This might indeed be an interesting issue to explore, except that they've chosen such ridiculous stereotypes to study. Are the men beloved for the actual friendship they provide, or for their willingness to shriek girlishly over shoes while being the one penis-endowed companion who can be counted on not to fuck around?


NYC is the backdrop, and the friends traipse in and out of bars, fashion shows, vintage shops, and Botox sessions. I'd have been more intrigued by a small town setting and some less predictable pastimes. Maybe even, say, a strong intelligent woman who enjoys the company of a gay man who doesn't paint his nails.

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys
is billed as a series that examines "the bond that goes deeper than friendship, it’s a fresh perspective on love, companionship, and the meaning of happily ever after." Too bad it looks so fluffy and boring. Not to mention immature: these youth-obsessed "girls" and "boys" are in their 30s and 40s. You're trying to be cute, but frankly, queer-peers, that ship has sailed.

If you haven't seen the promos yet,
here's a clip:

What do you think? Does Girls Who Like Boys Who Etc look worthy of your TV-time?

Image via Sundance

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