'Amazing Race' Recap: Send in the Ninjas

Brook and Claire
Brook and Claire look like 'Amazing Race' champs
This week's episode of The Amazing Race was the last leg before the big season finale. That meant things were bound to get serious for the four remaining teams. Serious enough to introduce ninja warfare to the race? Well kind of ... at least for Brook and Claire.


Brook shouting, "I'm surrounded by ninjas!" as she ran through rows of soldiers in South Korea was probably the most memorable line of the night. Of course they weren't really ninjas, but US soldiers brushing up on their martial arts skills while stationed overseas.

In fact, most of the episode had a military feel to it. The teams began by traveling towards the North Korea border. The Docs (Nat and Kat), as well as Jill and Thomas seemed nervous about approaching the political hot zone. Brook and Claire even joked that this challenge would require them to wear bullet-proof vests.

Afterwards, the teams went whitewater rafting in a demilitarized zone and took a ride in US Humvees. The home shopping hosts even hid some of their "Brook and Claire flair" underneath camouflage helmets.

Any knowledge of world politics seemed to be lost on Nick and Vicki, but that's probably because they were trying to enjoy their last day in the race. A six-hour penalty, a speed bump, and a late flight sealed their fate and the rockers bid adieu after a lovely day spent cleaning an army tank.

So what was with the military theme? Well, we're down to the final three teams and next week is the finale, which means this is war!

While Nat & Kat, Brook & Claire, and Thomas & Jill have a million bucks on the line, we viewers have got bragging rights to fight for. Not to toot my own horn, but week one I said it would either be Nat & Kat or Brook & Claire and both are still in it. Now I'm narrowing it down: Brook and Claire all the way!

Quick, pick your team before next week's finale. Who do you think is gonna walk away with the cash?


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