'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Talent Don't Mean a Thing

ShereeIf you watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week, chances are your ears are still ringing/bleeding from listening to Kim Zolciak sing The ring didn't mean a thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing about 1,000 times.

Yes, the "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" queen was back in the studio. This time she brought her lesbian love fling, Tracy Young, along to protect her from the big bad vocal coach who had dared not fawn all over Kim and her voice a few years back.

Over and over Kim sang/spoke the words as the coach tried to help, but only so much help can be had when you just can't sing.

Kim, however, had another excuse -- she just doesn't like the word "thing."

Never mind the small fact that the word "thing" makes up half the song.

But as Sheree said, Kim knows she sounds like crap, and she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Sheree would like to carpool to the bank, and in an effort to do so, suddenly proclaimed herself an actress.


While that may seem abrupt, hold your judgement, because Sheree has experience. She has been in two whole plays.

She can't remember the name of one of them, but still ...

She read lines for a group of agents, who seemed stunned by her performance -- just not in a good way.

"We'll be in touch," they told her, which Sheree took to mean she's up for an Oscar nomination.

NeNe had been in hiding after the big explosion with her husband Gregg in which she declared them done, but she let herself be dragged to one of the most ridiculous drag races ever. Kandi in her Mercedes raced Sheree in her Aston Martin for a whole eighth of a mile -- Sheree won after Kandi got confused about the finish line.

While at the race, NeNe felt like Cynthia's husband, Peter, was giving her the cold shoulder, and she chewed him out on the phone afterward.

Peter said he was just concerned about his work, and it had nothing to do with NeNe, though earlier in the show he had a big problem with NeNe taking up too much of his woman's time. He showed his ugly side tonight and exhibited some serious control issues, like telling Cynthia when he is home ALL of her attention should be focused on him.

Meanwhile, it appeared that Phaedra Parks had handed over the motherhood reins to her husband, Apollo ... though she never really seemed to actually hold them. She even bought Apollo a "push present" of sorts -- a limited edition watch.

The only time Phaedra even held baby Ayden Adonis was during a photo shoot in which he had a huge blowout all over Phaedra. Think he was sending her a message?




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