Another Palin on 'DWTS'? When Will the Madness END?

I swear, television is getting more bizarre and desperate by the minute. Pretty soon we're all going to be sitting around watching reality shows involving pseudo-celebrities competing to see who can do the best trapeze routine while simultaneously attempting to have sex with an alpaca.

("So You Think You Can Camelid: Circus With the Stars Edition")

The latest madness churned out of the Dancing With the Stars machine is that they're reportedly interested in yet another Palin family member for an upcoming season, thanks to the ratings boost provided by Bristol this year. Which one, you say? Is it Sarah Palin herself, ready to be costumed with wolf pelt and shotgun? Is it Willow, the charmingly illiterate gay-slur slinging teenager? Perhaps it's Tripp, Bristol's wee son, who could probably be shoved entertainingly around the stage in an exersaucer or something?


No, the DWTS producers apparently have their greedy dollar-sign eyes on Todd Palin. Not only that, but Todd may have been the show's first choice over Bristol. In October, Sarah Palin confirmed the show's interest in him, saying,

They wanted Todd to be on the show. I think that would have been cool to see, too.

Rumors are swirling that the show has also contacted Meghan McCain (daughter of Sen. John McCain) to participate, so if they get them both, I guess it'll be like 2008 all over again. Sort of.

I'm not a fan of DWTS but I guess if this is what people will tune in for, you can't fault them for being savvy marketers. They sure do seem to have a loose interpretation of the word "stars," though.

Would you watch Todd Palin on Dancing With the Stars?

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