'16 and Pregnant' Paternity Test Drama!

Kathleen Green -- the grandmother of this week's 16 and Pregnant baby daddy -- is furious with MTV for their editing; she says they made her look foolish.

During the show, Green insists that 17-year-old Christinna get a paternity test to prove that her grandson Isiah is the father. The mother cries and insists she has only slept with one man, but off-camera, Green says she told a different story. And that is why she's steaming mad.

According to TMZ:

Kathleen says she's particularly upset with a scene involving a DNA test she bought for Christinna -- claiming she came off as a cold-hearted bitch because MTV left out one key detail -- They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy. Now, Green says her family wants to sue the network for defamation.

Now, I may be alone in this, but I did not think she looked so bad. What's so wrong with wanting a paternity test?


This kid has given up everything to have a baby. I know she has, too, but Isiah had a football scholarship and professional athlete dreams that he put on hold, possibly forever, so he could marry and be there for his baby mama.

So why is he a jerk if he wants to double check? Even if she does say she has only slept with one man. Of course if Green's story is true and Christinna did admit to sleeping with more than one man, then that makes it even more important.

Paternity fraud is a very real issue for many men. And in most states, if you agree that you're the father, you're on the hook for child support even if it turns out 10 years later that she was lying. Yes, there are men that are still paying child support to children they know aren't theirs.

OK, yes, at a certain point, love ought to trump biology, but let's be serious for a minute. In an acrimonious divorce where there is alienation and other issues, the father-child bond can be permanently damaged. And then the dad is left doling out money to a child that isn't his.

Is that really fair?

If a father wants to double check, just to make sure, I see no harm in that. If my husband had asked to do so, I might have rolled my eyes, but I would get it. I know the kids are mine (although my son's super blond hair does make me wonder sometimes). They grew in my body and while they would surely pass the "caveman paternity test," I would not take it as an insult if he wanted to make sure.

I am realistic. Trust matters, of course, but so does certainty.

Isiah had every right to ask for a paternity test with or without the knowledge that she slept with someone else. It doesn't make him a jerk.

Do you agree with the paternity test?


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