6 Gifts for the 'Real Housewives' Wannabe

Real Housewives of AtlantaThose who will admit it are likely few and far between, but you know there are women out there who secretly want to be a Real Housewife of their own city.

They know who said what and who threw what table at whom, who is going bankrupt, and who is going crazy. They love it all and imagine themselves living those fabulously crazy and fascinating lives. 

Whether loud and proud or watching from the closet still, there's probably at least one Housewife wannabe on your shopping list this holiday season. Here are a few ideas for gifts they might like:


Real Housewives of Atlanta Print $60 from Etsy

If the peaches from Atlanta are your girl's thing (or guy's?), then this print is just perfect. If you're buying for someone who lives with you, you might want to rethink this one, however.

Kelly Bensimon earrings

Kelly Jewelry $58-$128 at Intermix, Wink & online at KellyKillorenBensimon.com

Designed by none other than Kelly Killoren Bensimon herself, there's a host of, uh ... interesting earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to choose from. With pieces like the earrings pictured above, one has to ask: Is her jewelery as crazy as Kelly is?


Countess Luann

Housewives' Tunes about $1 per song via iTunes or Amazon

Choose from Kim Zolciak singing "Tardy for the Party" or her newest "Google Me," or if she's not your thing, there's always Countess LuAnn crooning "Money Can't Buy You Class." Heck, go crazy and make a little mix for your wannabe.


Danielle Staub

Naked Truth by Danielle Staub $10 at Amazon.com

Books by housewives are a dime a dozen, but Staub really sets the standard for all a Housewife can be.


Royal Plush Sweatshirt

Royal Plush Sweatshirt $164 from shopbybravo.com

That's right, the Real Housewives have their own clothing line. It is, of course, very bedazzled.


I Love Botox

A Year's Worth of Botox Prices vary, check with your local dermatologist

If her addiction to the Housewives isn't to be spoken of, you can acknowledge it much more subtly by just getting her the look they all seem to sport.

Do you have a Real Housewives wannabe on your list?

Image via EverJean/Flickr

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