'DWTS' Winner Jennifer Grey Thinks Trophy Is Worth Back Surgery

jennifer greyJennifer Grey has ruptured a disc -- and it wasn't from carrying a watermelon.

The 50-year-old has sustained a back injury from her recent win on Dancing With the Stars and might need surgery to correct it. But as usual, Grey is taking it all in stride ...


On Tuesday, she told Access Hollywood that she was going to have surgery either this week or next:

It's just going to be like a little surgery where they take out the ruptured disc thing, and you know, it won't be a big deal ... I'll be home that night.

Today, however, Grey's rep told CNN that she's not scheduled for surgery -- she's simply going in for a consultation to see if anything needs to be done. The injury almost kept Grey out of the two final dances of the DWTS competition; however, she was able to endure the discomfort and come out on top -- the sign of a true champion through and through.

Rarely do people brush off back surgery as "no big deal." But in Grey's case it more than makes sense: The star underwent serious surgeries for her neck after suffering a 1987 car accident in Ireland with then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick. If anyone can tolerate pain, it's this lady.

Best wishes to Jennifer for a speedy recovery!


Image via ABC.com

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