Kate Gosselin Has Completely Lost It

Kate GosselinOne never wants to see another mother go down, but it's difficult to root for or feel any sympathy for Kate Gosselin even as she appears to be losing it.

She appeared on the Today show this morning looking tired, beaten down, and making up her own reality. Even though she proclaimed to be living "heaven on earth," she seemed to be doing anything but.

It is so great a year later [after the divorce] to feel put back together and more normal and we’re functioning and in a routine. We’re very happy actually.

But I don't think she smiled during the entire interview.

Her eyes looked dead, her voice was monotone, and she just seemed so flat ... and defensive.


She set out to set the record straight and again denied that two of her children were expelled from school. Though what she describes sounds just like a nicer form of the same thing:

They were having anger issues. They were acting out, having behavior things. Things that I felt very alone once I did the research, talked to other moms that have gone through divorces, very normal stuff in that regard. So I did what I could do, we mutually agreed, I brought them home, I have them with a private tutor ...

So a mutually agreed upon expulsion?

As for the rest of the bunch, she says they're doing great and that for all they've been through, any fallout they've experienced is "not abnormal, at all."

The problem is those children's entire lives have been abnormal, broadcast and paraded about for all the world to see. And Kate has no intention of changing that.

In fact, I think she did finally emit a small chuckle at the end when she refuted rumors that her show Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled -- she's NOT letting go of that one, and defended her decision to put her kids on the air:

I am working while they’re by my side and traveling and that is not only providing us trips for a lifetime but it’s providing for their future and I am still sitting here honestly telling you Meredith and I believe it wholeheartedly, as does the evidence that you see on TV, that it is in their best interest ... we would not be doing it if it wasn’t ... it’s a heaven on earth job, it really is.

For you, maybe, Kate.

Regarding Jon and his recent Twitter apology, she says she has forgiven him, but still sounds pissed:

I have never personally been apologized to. I don't personally consider an interview on TV or a tabloid as an apology, unfortunately. But I have strangely and ironically forgiven him for the sake of my kids. I think people that are close to me are actually annoyed that I don't get more angry. I am angry. I'm hurt and I'm angry ... but I don't have time to waste sitting around and being upset.

Do you feel sorry for Kate Gosselin?


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