'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Ooooh, Bigtime DNA Drama!

16 And Pregnant

Christinna and Isiah thought they had it all planned out. The Alabama sweethearts were headed off to college -- him on a football scholarship and her to tag along after an early graduation. They were going to be together, get their degrees, and all would be perfect.

But then she got pregnant, and it all came crashing down. Because after all, this is 16 and Pregnant.

Now, Christinna is living with Isiah's family, six months pregnant, and they're all hating on her because he gave up his football scholarship for her. Yup, just about as fun as it sounds.


So the newlyweds, who are attending community college, are trying to figure out how they can get a place of their own. But they can't even balance their grocery budget -- $50, not the $54 Isiah managed to rack up -- so it's rough going. Talk about tight budget: Isiah's income, about $900 a month, isn't going to go far. Plus, they don't have enough credit between the two of them to get approved for their own place. And Isiah's uber-cranky grandma's not about to cosign their lease.

Meanwhile, baby Destiny's due date is just a few weeks away, so instead of studying for class, she's studying up on lactation classes.

Then there's the fact that money's super-tight, but Isiah's blowing the last of their savings on booming speakers for his car. It's making Christinna rethink the whole situation. Can she trust Isiah to be a good husband and father?

But as the due date creeps up on them, Isiah says he's "151 percent." He even manages to find them their own apartment, so they'll be on their own in time for baby Destiny's arrival. And now that they've moved out, Isiah's mom is even willing to play nice. How sweet of her.

16 And Pregnant
Baby Destiny
Just one week later, Christinna is induced. Twenty hours into labor, her doc is suggesting a C-section, but Christinna's really unhappy about that idea. So they keep trying, but after 26 hours of labor, it's her only option. Minutes later, baby Destiny is there, staring at them all wide-eyed and quiet. No crying for this little one. And, of course, Grandma shows up and says, "She is beautiful. She looks just like me."

Then it's just the two of them, at home with baby Destiny. After four days of parenting a newborn, Isiah's back to work at the sandwich shop -- and Christinna's wondering how they'll ever manage to get back to school, given how crazy life with a baby is. As much as she's sick of being stuck in the house, Christinna is figuring out that she might just end up being a reluctant stay-at-home mom. She might have to give up her dream of being an English teacher at an inner city school. "I'm not going to give up on my dreams," Christinna says, "but it's going to take me a lot longer to get where I want to go."

Isiah's feeling a bit resentful, too. He's been spending a lot of time at his mom's house -- and Christinna still doesn't feel welcome. There's still trash-talking about Christinna, even going as far as to suggest that the baby isn't Isiah's. After that, they invite Christinna over for dinner to bug her about it. Grandma insists that they have a DNA test. Christinna says she's only ever slept with Isiah, so it's his baby. But the family has Isiah convinced to get the test, even though he's 110 percent sure that the baby is his. And to add insult to injury, grandma just happens to have a test handy. Ouch. So Christinna walks out. Isiah doesn't go with her.

In the end, they're both still giving their relationship a shot, but with Isiah's family still in the picture -- and blaming Christinna for him giving up his scholarship -- it's rough going. And then there's that lingering question of paternity -- and the whole clan's bitchy, invasive tactics. But given that she's got no family of her own nearby to support her and no job or degree, Christinna's good and stuck.

Would you like or resent being a stay-at-home mom?

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