Sam Elliott in 'November Christmas': Heart-Warmer, or Eye-Roller?

I love, love, love Sam Elliott. My favorite character of his has to be The Stranger/Narrator from The Big Lebowski ("Darkness warshed over the Dude ... darker'n a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night.") — but really, I think I could watch him in anything.

Except, possibly, a Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie about a dying kid.


Hallmark's latest production is called November Christmas, a story of how neighbors (played by Sam Elliott and Karen Allen) help a family trying to cope with their daughter’s illness. Fearing his daughter won't survive the holidays, the father (played by John Corbett) comes up with a plan to help her have a festive Halloween in August and a magical Christmas in November.

So I'll be honest, this isn't normally the kind of thing that would have me hovering thoughtfully over the record button, but I'm kind of swayed by Elliott's presence. His brusque charm might just be enough for me to endure the bucketloads of sap this show is sure to dish out.

In an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, Elliott said he's a fan of the sentimental nature of the movie:

I think it's a good thing. In these cynical times we live in, it's hard to come by this kind of material, yet Hallmark comes up with it consistently.

Yeah, I guess they do at that.

November Christmas aired last night on CBS, but it's also available on DVD (and probably will get re-broadcast).

Did any of you check it out? What did you think?

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