Will Dexter Get Caught?

DexterIt happens every season -- I get completely convinced that this season will be the one where Dexter gets caught. But somehow, just when someone gets thisclose to exposing his secret, Dexter gets a crazy stroke of luck and manages to keep his murdering identity hidden. Whether it's being blown up in a cabin or finding themselves on his table, anyone who finds out about him doesn't seem to live very long afterwards.

But THIS season has to be it, right? After last night's episode, it's hard to believe otherwise. Let's look at the facts:

**Spoiler Warning**

  • Not only does Liddy have video of Dexter and Lumen throwing garbage bags filled with something into the ocean (which he casually pointed out looked like they could be filled with bodies), he also has one of Dexter showing Lumen how to properly hack up a body. Since Dex is just now realizing that someone is on to him, it might be too little too late. Now it's a matter of Liddy getting the info to someone before he meets his inevitable death.
  • Deb's theory about the vigilante killer is spot-on -- the only puzzle piece that's missing is the fact that it's her brother. I've always believed that Deb would figure out her brother's true identity, and still accept him for who he was. Perhaps it will happen this season? In last night's episode, she admitted that even she would be up for giving these guys what they deserved, that she sympathizes with the killer and understands why he's committing these murders. 
  • Jordan Chase knows who Dexter is and that he's trying to kill him. Obviously, he can't go to the police with this information, but he is definitely doing all that he can to get Dexter caught. I about had a heart attack when the police showed up at Alex Tilden's house only to find out they had created the killing room in the neighbor's empty home. But you can bet that Jordan is going to make another attempt.

The fact that Lumen and Dexter finally hooked up, which is what everyone's talking about today at the work water cooler, didn't surprise me that much. Come on, you knew it was going to happen. Just like I know that this season he'll be caught. Right?

Do you think Dexter's secret will be revealed or do you think he'll be able to avoid it once again?

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