An Open Letter to Kate Gosselin

Oh, Kate Gosselin. I can't explain what it is makes me want to defend you. Maybe it's your eternally awful hair, which I can sympathize with (all the extensions and edgy haircuts in the world couldn't give me Hollywood-perfect hair either). Maybe it's that people seem to hate you for being a hard-ass, while if you were a man they would probably admiringly describe you as "driven." Maybe it's that I do believe you love your kids, even though you've chosen an undeniably crappy lifestyle in which to raise them.
But for the love of god, your kids are six years old and getting expelled from school. Something has gone horrible awry, and I think most parents in your shoes would be in a frenzy to figure out how to make things better. I'm sure you are too, right? I mean, I want to think that about you, Kate.


It's just hard to figure out why you're talking to the mediaagain—about the people in your life who you should be protecting at all measure. I can't understand why you're handing out excuses, and blaming everyone else for what your kids are going through.

You said,

"The pressure was getting to them. You have the divorce anger mixed in with that."

Listen, it's not that I think you should get on television and say that you blame yourself. It's more that I think you should do everything in your power to get the spotlight off your family for once. Get rid of the cameras. Work this through behind closed doors. Make it a priority to help your kids, who are clearly hurting.

I read that a new Kate Plus Eight special airs this Sunday. Hey, how about giving thanks for your big healthy family—and having it cancelled?

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