Cookie Monster Does Lady Gaga to Get 'SNL' Slot (Video)

cookie monster gaga SNL audition

Monster Gaga

Cookie Monster is adorable. Almost as adorable as Betty White but frickin' adorable nonetheless. Isn't it time Cookie Monster got his shining host moment on Saturday Night Live, too?

Well, Cookie Monster is pulling out all the stops to make sure SNL happens for him. He's put together an audition video to show off his comedic range. The video goes way beyond cookie jokes, my friends. Wait until you see his skits and fake news bits and Monster Gaga musical performance of "Cookie Face" -- cookie dress and "me, me, me, Cookie Face" lyrics and all.

You're going to want to squeeze the big blue wonder after you see his audition tape. C'mon ...


I've loved his blue cookie-crunching fuzziness since my brother got a stuffed Cookie Monster for getting his tonsils out when we were kids (pssht, I would've gotten mine out for a Cookie Monster! Why wouldn't they let me??). But who knew Cookie was such a bundle of talent?

Check out Cookie Monster's SNL audition tape:

Wow, Cookie Monster's not on Sesame Street anymore ... Cookie Monster on SNL, for the win!

Do you want to see Cookie Monster on SNL now?


Image via Sesame Street YouTube

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