'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Dude, Parenthood Is Expensive

16 And Pregnant
On 16 and Pregnant, Aubrey and baby daddy Brandon bond with baby Austin.
This week on 16 and Pregnant, we've got another high school dropout -- except this one had already quit before she got pregnant. Yes, this is going to be one super-judgy recap.

Arizona teen Aubrey, who's bounced around with a single mom, is currently crashing with her grandma Jan. And so is baby daddy Brandon, who's also unemployed -- and looks like a skinnier version of Teen Mom's Gary. Sounds like an ideal situation to bring a baby into, huh?


Here's another shocker -- they were using the pullout method of "birth control."

Despite all of this, Aubrey has big plans. First of all, she's planning a wedding and hits the mall to go shopping with her friends, even though she's broke. She buys these really weird Sherpa boots and a brown sequined dress with a sweater to wear on the big day. I guess she can't wear white, right?

Then she wants to get her GED and go to culinary school, despite the fact she's doing nothing to prepare for either. And the baby's due in two months. Plus, grandma Jan wants them out of her house before then because she doesn't want to live with a baby.

On the day of the wedding, Aubrey gets a lecture from her aunt Heidi, who seems to be the responsible one in the clan. The event itself is a low-key affair on the steps of the courtyard, attended by a few friends and grandma.

Now that they're married -- and with the due date just a month away -- the pressure's on for Brandon to find some work. Luckily, he does. He gets a gig doing security at the mall.

Aubrey is bored at home alone, but it's not like she'll use the time to study for her GED. I get that she's got all those pregnancy aches and pains and all, but if she really wants it, she needs to work toward it. After a lecture from her friends, she decides to give it a go and asks Brandon to help. But he's a bit snarky about it, and Aubrey's feeling really sensitive. Still, she goes to take the exam.

She fails the math test. So no go. And the tutoring she'd need to prepare for a retake is just out of their budget.

Things aren't looking good. But grandma's still adamant that they get their act together and move out before the baby comes. Too bad they're still broke -- and in debt.

16 And Pregnant
Baby Austin makes his grand debut.
Aubrey decides she's had enough of being lonely at home, and that it would be best that she get a job. But Brandon wants no part of it. The plan was that he'd work and she'd stay home with the baby.

Meanwhile, her due date comes and goes, so her doc decides to induce labor. Ten hours in, Brandon is really starting to annoy Aubrey. About 24 hours in, she's only four centimeters dilated. Gotta give the girl credit: she manages to hold out that long before she gets an epidural. After 30 hours of labor, baby Austin Carter is born. 

Guess what? The baby's moving in with his great-grandma after all. They crash there for the first few months of Austin's life, but grandma reminds them that she doesn't "do babies, darling."

But even with Brandon's security guard income, they haven't been able to make a dent in their debt, let alone save anything. And Aubrey's been taking care of Austin 24/7, so forget studying for the GED. The whole situation is putting major stress on their relationship.

Grandma finally gives them a deadline. They need to be out by the summer. Brandon says he'll get another part-time job, but Aubrey wants out of the house. She says she wants to contribute, but he points out that she'll get minimum wage, barely, while he can earn more since he's a high school graduate. Plus, he just bought this cool kit that you can use to prospect for gold. How can they lose?

So Aubrey decides it's time for her to get a part-time job whether Brandon likes it or not. She seems like she totally blew the interview at the pizza joint -- which she made without telling Brandon -- but she ends up getting the job. Brandon relents and says as long as they can swing their schedules so that they don't have to put Austin into daycare, he's cool with it. Aubrey's even sticking with the plan to study for her GED.

And then, when they both have the day off, they actually do go prospecting for gold. They don't hit it, but then again, they're quickly learning that in parenthood, and in life, there are no shortcuts.

How did you budget for baby? Did you have to cut back on luxuries or take on more work? 

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