Jay Leno Steals Taylor Swift Video From Blogger

VH1 Blog Editor Rich Juzwiak recently collaborated with his friend and co-worker Kate Spencer to create a hilarious supercut titled "Taylor Swift is Surprised." The video highlights just how often Taylor Swift is called upon to express openmouthed shock when she wins an award, complete with gasps and repeated declarations of total disbelief over her unexpected good fortune.

It's funny as hell, and apparently someone at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno thought so too, since they aired a nearly identical video last night ... without crediting Mr. Juzwiak.

According to Juzwiak, a research coordinator from The Tonight Show contacted him last week to ask for permission to show the Taylor video, assuring Juzwiak that his blog and name would be credited. Juzwiak agreed, requesting that his collaborator Kate be equally credited.

Juziwak writes that he then watched last night's show:


What follows are four clips that appeared in my supercut, clearly cut from HD sources (they're 16x9 and look infinitely clearer than what I used) but put together in the same order that they are in my video (clips that originally appeared between the first and the second of the reel shown on The Tonight Show were removed, but the second through fourth appear in the exact succession with almost the same rhythm as my original video).

No credit was given, and in fact, no mention whatsoever that the video was originally created anywhere other than by The Tonight Show team.

What surprised me the most wasn't so much that Kate and I weren't mentioned, but that the video wasn't credited as having originated on the Internet. This is not an obscure work -- it's racked up over 200,000 views in a week! I thought at the very least, he'd give and indication of this thing's preexistence so that his viewers could hunt it down if they were so inclined. That was, apparently, expecting too much.

The research coordinator has since been in touch with Rich Juzwiak and blames the matter on a miscommunication.

What an incredibly tacky thing for The Tonight Show to do. I hope Juzwiak's blog gets linked all over the place so everyone knows a multi-millionaire TV entertainer is ripping jokes off the Internet. For SHAME, Leno.


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