Bristol Palin 'DWTS' Winner? Yes, Please!

bristol palin mark ballasBristol Palin deserves to be in the finals on Dancing With the Stars. Yes, yes she does. And you don't have to be a Republican to think so. Nor do you need to be abstinent. Or be a young mom. In fact, if you are a liberal and hating on her just because of her Mama Grizzly, then you need to check your own politics. The Paso is bipartisan in case you didn't know.

Any DWTS fan should have watched the redemption dance last night and saw an improvement in Bristol. Yet again. Tree-mendous! As Bruno might say.

Here was a girl, who a couple of years ago was just a high schooler who had to break the news to her mom that she was pregnant. That's a really big holy crap moment. And that news had to be broke to the entire world because her mom was running for VP. You know how much of a big deal the entire world knowing you're pregnant is for a girl who wasn't planning on getting pregnant?


Now I don't feel sorry for her, but I do feel for her. And last night we saw shy Bristol coming out of her shell just a little bit more. A huge change from those close-to-Kate Gosselin dead eyes we saw in the beginning. And that's what DWTS is about. Getting better. Oh the sweet essence of a reality show dressed up as a dance competition. This isn't a show like Top Chef where career chefs compete by showing off their cooking skills. This is a dancing show where professional dancers are paired up with celebrities who aren't known for dance to watch them try to master some fancy foot work while wearing clothes nobody should wear out in public. Though I would totally wear Jennifer Grey's outfit from last night to a tea party.

Bristol Palin deserves to be there more than Brandy did. Bristol Palin deserves to win more than Jennifer Grey.

Hold your fire; let me tell you why.

Tears and struggle and pain and finding your inner strength are all part of DWTS. And there's performance. And it's such a better show when the unexpected contestants excel. Nobody likes to predict an ending at the start of a movie. Why watch the movie?

When the season of DWTS began, it was clear Brandy and Jennifer were going to be better than the rest without ever seeing them dance. Why? Because we've all seen them both dance before. Professionally. Do we need to be reminded that Brandy is an R&B artist? Yeah. The R stands for rhythm.

Do we need to be reminded that Jennifer starred in Dirty Dancing? Forget for a moment that her father is Joel Grey -- a dancer! (I'm not judging Bristol on her mom so I'll do the same for Jennifer and her dad.) But we cannot dispute that Baby and Swayze had some killer moves -- all the basics of dancing and more. Lots more. Tons more! The training and hours spent learning those dances for that movie doesn't leave a person's mind. It's like riding a bike again. You remember. You may be older and not as bendy, but you remember.

And then there's the kid with the big smile. What's his name? Kyle? Oh yeah, Kyle Massey from some Disney show. Love him. Cutie face. Love his booty shakin'. He's not the best dancer but no one complained that he was still safe when Brandy got the boot. Hmm ... I wonder why?

Because his mom isn't Sarah Palin.

The haters should relax. If you root for Bristol, your democratic cred won't be taken away. Besides, do we really know what party Bristol affiliates herself with? We can't assume. And even if she is a registered Republican, that doesn't mean her vote can't head to the left. (If she votes, but that's another story. And by the way, did you vote in midterm elections when you were 20? Just asking.)

What do we know about Bristol? She is a 20-year-old single mom of an almost 2-year-old son named Tripp. She is from a small town in Alaska. Her ex has proven himself to be a real winner and perhaps because of that was so painfully shy and closed off. She speaks out on abstinence which is a great thing -- do you want your teenager to get pregnant when she's not ready? She's smiling more. She's expressing herself more. She's dancing better. She is unexpectedly improving week after week. She is the underdog who came into this with zero experience.

Why wouldn't we root for her?


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