'Dancing With the Stars' -- The Final Three

Dancing with the starsAnd then there were three.

We are finishing up what could possibly go down in history as the worst season of Dancing With the Stars. Ever. And I gotta say, thank god. I'm tired of cringing week after week while watching Bristol Palin attempt to dance and I'm still not over Brandy being eliminated.

Anyways ...

Though America's voice in the decision has now ceased (voting ended last night, now all that's left is the judges' scores on tonight's two performances), let's look and see how our three finalists got to where they are (insert Tea Party conspiracy joke here):


Kyle Massey: I didn't even know who this kid was when the show first aired, but I've grown to love him and his silly teddy bear-like persona.

His freestyle last night made me giggle, and, as he so well put it, "Who doesn't love the Tootsie Roll?" Even Len, who's not a fan of the boogaloo dancing, gave him a top score. And Lacey looked hawt. Girl's got a booty and she knows how to use it.

Week 8 Kyle and Lacey danced the Jive to "Good Golly Miss Molly" and while it wasn't technically perfect, it was 100% entertaining.

Kyle Massey

Bristol Palin: Ugh, do I have to?? Okay, fine. Her Week 6 Tango was pretty good, and earned her highest score to date from the judges. 

Week 9, Bristol was all I suck during rehearsals, but then she came out in full bullfighter mode in their Paso Doble to Britney Spears' "Gimme More."

Bristol Palin on DWTS

Jennifer Grey: Jennifer has been leading the pack the majority of the season (I swear, if she doesn't win, I'm boycotting DWTS), so it's hard to pick her best ones. I have to go with last night's freestyle to "Do You Love Me." I've been waiting for them to really milk the Dirty Dancing thing, and they managed to do so without being cheesy. And Baby carried a watermelon! Plus, she attempted, and nailed, some crazy lifts, even with her messed up neck. Perfect 10 -- the first of two for the night!

Their Week 2 Jive was one of my favorites, even if it wasn't the judges' (they gave her a 24 ... lame!). It was so fast-paced that it made me tired just watching it, and considering Jennifer is 50 years old, I gotta give credit where credit is due.

Jennifer Grey on DWTS

Which is your favorite performance? Who do you hope takes home the Mirrorball Trophy?


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