'DWTS' Bristol Palin Hate Spins Out of Control

bristol palin dancing with the starsI'll admit that last week I found it rather humorous when there were rumors of a Tea Party conspiracy to cheat the Dancing With the Stars voting system in order to keep Bristol Palin on the show.

But the latest DWTS news is no laughing matter: TMZ reported that cops and emergency responders raced to CBS studios on Friday after Palin received a death threat.

Will I sound like a broken record if I remind everyone that this is way too much drama for a reality show?


Here's the (alleged) whole story: DWTS staff called the cops after they found an envelope addressed to Palin containing a letter with a death threat as well as an unidentified white powdery substance. Later, the substance was determined to be talcum powder.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

The good news is that everyone -- including Palin -- is safe. Unfortunately, some Palin opponents are calling foul play, accusing the Palin family of planting the death threat as a publicity stunt. I for one don't believe those accusations for a second: Why would anyone risk putting their family in danger or even pretend to put their family in danger just to be more famous?

In the meantime, we've still got the finale to contend with as well as the fact that people are getting way too worked up over a little friendly dance competition. After last week's episode, a Wisconsin man pulled a shotgun on his TV screen after it was announced that Palin made it to the finals. Who knows what could happen this week?

Are you voting for Bristol Palin to win Dancing With the Stars?


Image via CBS

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