'Amazing Race' Recap: Introducing the Double U-Turn!

Jill and Thomas
Jill and Thomas
This episode of The Amazing Race was an epic one. For the first time in the history of the show, we witnessed a Double U-Turn. That meant that not one, but two teams got to screw over fellow contestants as the teams headed to Bangladesh.

And while the double doozy didn't really shake up the finishing order, it did inspire some cattiness. Yes, finally the claws are out!


Thomas and Jill were the first to reach the U-Turn station thanks to some crafty airline booking, which gave them a seven-hour lead on most of the teams. True, they really didn't need to use a U-Turn at all (they were nearly finished with the leg before the last three teams even started), but I get that they wanted to eliminate the most threatening team -- Brook and Claire. So, they dropped a U on the home-shopping hosts and went on to win the leg and $15K in Discover bucks. Hmm ... $15K would make a nice alumni donation to Notre Dame.

Nick and Vicki took a different approach, and I've gotta say, I was impressed by their sense of strategy. They knew they didn't need to use a U-Turn because they were far enough ahead, so they left the second one for a different team to use. Smart thinkin' because now Brook and Claire may have it out for Thomas and Jill, while the punk rockers haven't created any enemies.

Speaking of enemies, Brook and Claire were peeved about the U-Turn. I'm pretty sure I heard Brook insult Thomas's manhood under her breath. I had to rewind my DVR at least three times, but I can say with about 94% certainty that she said, "What a little ... he must have a small ..." Did anyone else hear that?

The extra work of doing two detours instead of one really got to the ladies. They even momentarily turned on each other. Fortunately they snapped back into BFF mode just in time to add some "flair" to a rickshaw.

Nat and Kat dropped the other U-Turn on Chad and Stephanie. The two teams eventually met up at the rickshaw challenge and Chad tried to get back at the docs by insulting Nat and confusing her MD for a PhD. He also yelled, "Big smart doctor can't put a bicycle together!" Good one bro.

In the end, Chad and Stephanie lost and were booted from the race. At least they can get started on their wedding plans.

That means we're down to just four teams -- two couples and two all-women teams. And remember, an all-woman team has never won so that would be another historic Amazing Race first. Let's go girls!

Did you watch The Amazing Race? Do you think Brook and Claire will have it out for Jill and Thomas in the next leg? Do you think women will clinch the race?


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