'DWTS' White Powder Threat From a Loser to Bristol Palin?

Bristol PalinFriday evening in Hollywood, an entire studio had to be shut down because some loser sent a threatening letter filled with white powder to the production office of Dancing With the Stars.

"Measures were taken to secure the area and ensure the safety of personnel," a rep for CBS told People. "Ultimately we were advised by the [Los Angeles Fire Department] that the substance was determined to be talcum powder."

While officials won't say who it was sent for, it's not a stretch to say it probably had something to do with Bristol Palin and all the controversy surrounding her stay on the show.


First of all, what kind of a bored, wacko loser takes the time and risk to put baby powder in an envelope, find a stamp and actually put it in the mail because of a DANCE COMPETITION?

That's right, people, it's JUST a dance competition, but you would think health care reform or national security was dependent on its outcome. 

People are enraged that the Tea Party may have organized enough to bring in the votes for Bristol. Well, if that's true, then liberals, get on it. Organize for your own candidate instead of whining about the power of the other party and their dance-competition fixing abilities.

Producers responded yesterday and said she's there because she earned it.

"She deserves it," DWTS executive producer Conrad Green told People. "And a significant portion of our viewing audience believes that, too."

"Quite often it's been the one who's the most popular or someone who's captured the public's imagination because of their performance or who they were," Green said. "You can argue whether or not she deserves to be there more than someone else who the judges have assigned to be a better dancer, but then make sure you vote for that person. It's not rocket science."

No, not rocket science, nor grounds for the absolute OUTRAGE of people in reaction to it.

Honestly, is it that big of a deal if Bristol wins?

Sarah Palin isn't going to suddenly going to wind up in the White House becuase her daughter wins DWTS.

In the scheme of things, it really matters very little and only proves that DWTS may not be the truest test of dance ability. And did anyone really think it was?

Regardless of what you think about Bristol still being there, it's hard to argue one point --  producers were GENIUS in bringing Bristol on board.

Do you think Bristol winning does anything other than prove the show is a popularity contest

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