PBS Edits Tina Fey for Political Jokes: Was It Censorship?

The Mark Twain Prize is America’s most prestigious award for humor, presented annually by The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and last week Tina Fey was the well-deserving recipient. She's in great company—past winners have included Bill Cosby, Lily Tomlin, George Carlin, Bob Newhart, and Richard Pryor.

Unfortunately, some of her funniest, edgiest acceptance speech jokes were left on the cutting room floor by PBS.

While accepting the award, Fey made the following comments:


And, you know, politics aside, the success of Sarah Palin and women like her is good for all women -- except, of course, those who will end up, you know, like, paying for their own rape kit 'n' stuff. But for everybody else, it's a win-win.

... Unless you're a gay woman who wants to marry your partner of 20 years -- whatever. But for most women, the success of conservative women is good for all of us.

... Unless you believe in evolution. You know what? Actually, I take it back. The whole thing's a disaster.

This footage never aired on the PBS broadcast of the event.

According to PBS execs, editing her comments had nothing to do with Fey's politics and everything to do with keeping the broadcast on schedule, since the ceremony apparently ran 19 minutes too long.

However, it seems a little coincidental that out of a total of 12 minutes and 40 seconds of Fey speaking, the 30-second cut PBS made just so happened to be those exact button-pushing remarks.

Want to see what PBS apparently didn't want you to? Here you go (the jokes in question start at the :50 mark):

What do you think, guys? Just a random editing choice based on broadcast schedules, or something more—possibly even a concern about Republicans cutting PBS funding?

Image via YouTube

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