'Burn Notice' Recap: Hot Friends & Frenemies

Burn NoticeBurn Notice gave me a great gift this week in the form of the latest episode, "Hot Property." Oh, it was hot, alright.

Not only did they bring back one of my favorite villains, but there was also so much hotness from Jesse (aka, my TV husband) that I barely got through the episode.

Natalie, last seen sneaking away in a group of children a season back, returned this week to wreak havoc. First, she played the sweet and innocent role to get them to work with her. Again.

I swear, I could almost hear her singing "I Know What Boys Like" to herself. She convinced them that she's trying to save the world by stealing back and destroying a chemical weapon from a gang of South Americans. You already know where this is going ...


Natalie gets away with the chemical weapon and a fake duplicate made by Fiona and Jesse, with plans to sell it. Michael swoops in and shoots the fake one, convincing the bad guys that they will die within minutes. They scurry off like cockroaches, but now Michael's got her right where he wants her. Knowing that the weapons dealers will come after Natalie once they've realized they're not actually dying, the trio tells her she needs to report the chemical weapon to the feds.

Stopping the spread of chemical weapons is all in a day's work for Michael and co.

Meanwhile, Jesse relied on his old handler, Marv, to get information on the dude who has the list of everyone who burned Michael. It seems this dude's hosting an auction in Santo Domingo and only people with $5 million are invited. Marv manages to get Jesse enough money, so it'll soon be time for a Caribbean trip.

But the best part of the episode had nothing to do with either job, and was all about Maddie holding a friend-tervention for Michael and Jesse. She got them in a room together and told them to suck up their hurt feelings and move on! They need to start trusting each other, OR ELSE! She's quite effective, really, and I wonder if they shouldn't bring her on as a negotiator on some of their cases.

Now with Michael and Jesse friends again, next up on Burn Notice, Michael's mess of a brother, Nate, returns! This season is getting really good!

What was your favorite part of the episode? Are you excited for the rest of the season?


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