'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: How the Mighty Have Fallen

This episode starts with Libertad discussing the last tribal council, which saw Marty's torch extinguished. Brenda brags to the camera that she and Sash are running the game, like the king and queen of Survivor.

"Except," she clarifies with a cat-eating-the-canary grin, "it's more like he's the queen and I'm the king."

Holly and Jane start plotting to get rid of Brenda, and Fabio wonders if maybe they should move the fire closer to the shelter.

Sayyyyyy, that seems like a good idea with no potential downside.


Challenge time! The tribe is divided into two teams of five in order to try and move across the beach using only barrels and slabs of wood. The blue team—made up of Fabio, NaOnka, Jane, Purple Kelly, and Chase—figures it out right away while the yellow team flounders. Despite Jeff ragging the yellow team mercilessly ("If this was a life or death challenge, you'd be dead by now!"), the blue team easily wins, and they're dramatically swept away in a helicopter.

Their reward involves being taken to an active volcano, where each tribe members rides a sledlike thing down a steep rocky slope to the bottom. That part looks unpleasant, frankly, but eventually they get to gorge on pizza and brownies and soon enough they're in that orgasmic food high that probably precedes a hearty bout of diarrhea.

"What do you think's going on at camp?" someone asks.

"I don't care," someone else responds.

Aaaand cut to: their camp, engulfed in flames.

Benry, Dan, Sash, Brenda, and Holly return to camp and stand around freaking out over the damage, which includes several wooden chests that had contained food and tools, now burned to ash. D'oh. Maybe don't take camp tips from Fabio next time, you guys.

Immunity challenge time! This one's an endurance activity, one of those how-long-can-you-hold-on things, and they've clearly decided to ditch the epic hours-long battles of past Survivors in favor of something excruciatingly difficult. Amazingly, it's 56-year-old Jane against burly young Chase at the end, and with a little encouragement from Jeff ("Don't give up now!"), Jane wins the challenge.

Back at camp the plotting begins. NaOnka tells Sash about the plan to ditch Brenda, Chase scurries to Brenda's side to tell her that she's in trouble, and Brenda plants the idea for Sash to give her his immunity idol and save her at tribal council.

By the way, the Metaphorical Survivor Animal Nature Shot Count is at: ants, snake, scorpion, hawk, snake, wasp, snake, monkeys, snake, monkeys.

Tribal council! Brenda delivers a smooth, confident speech about how her alliance should stay strong, and she calls out NaOnka for jumping ship. NaOnka, in turn, lashes out at Chase. Jeff asks if anyone wants to play their hidden idol and ... Sash remains bug-eyed but silent.

Ooh, Brenda. Things aren't looking so good for the king, girl.

Sure enough, Brenda gets voted out, uttering a single, quiet "ouch" when Jeff snuffs her torch.

Well, another power player gone. I'm starting to think Jane's got a strong chance at winning this thing, but then again, there's Purple Kelly, who has remained so far under the radar that every time I see her, I think, Wait, who the hell is that?

What did you think of Brenda getting voted out tonight? Glad/sad/ambivalent?

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