'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Condoms on Bananas Don't Work Either

16 And Pregnant
Single mom Sarina thought she was doing right by her girls. She taught her daughters Markai and Samarra how to use condoms by showing them how to put them on bananas. But apparently the lesson didn't sink in. Because Markai is now 16 and Pregnant.

Sarina was a teen mother, too, with the girls' father rarely in the picture, and so the vicious cycle continues. "My heart is broken," she tells her daughter repeatedly. "This was not my dream for my child."

Ouch. Way to lay it on, mom, while your kid is already down. But you know what, maybe she needs to hear it.


Markai's just dealing with the weirder side effects of pregnancy -- like spitting a lot and craving soap -- which she's actually eaten. She's suffering from pica, so her doc puts her on iron supplements to stop the cravings.

But the would-be veterinarian's got bigger problems. Baby daddy James doesn't have a job, their car broke down -- and they don't have a place to live after the baby comes. Plus, she's just started her senior year and will have to put school on pause.

James, though, is spending more time on MySpace (yes, MySpace) than on the online job boards. Turns out he's been chatting with one of his exes -- and Markai is not happy about the situation.

At 40 weeks, as soon as James finishes putting the crib together, Markai goes into labor. And it just happens to be their anniversary, which is cute. She gets an epidural, and beautiful baby Za'Karia Sanari is born just a little while later.

16 And Pregnant
Baby Za'Karia Sanari
They bring the baby home to grandma Sarina's house, but James isn't welcome to stay, so he leaves. Forlorn, Markai decides to call her father for help, even though she feels like she can't rely on him. Seeing how exhausted Markai has been taking care of the baby on her own, grandma Sarina lets James move in -- but he has to sleep in the living room. And there has to be an end date in sight. She wants him to use the time to really find a job.

I wish I could tell you that this wasn't another tale of a deadbeat dad, but the day Markai goes back to school, James' ex-girlfriend comes right up to her and tells her that he cheated on her at the start of their relationship -- and didn't use protection. Yeah, he's a bastard. But it's hardly shocking to the rest of us. Still, Markai is heartbroken. And livid. This hot mess immediately escalates into threats of fighting for custody -- and the baby isn't even 2 months old yet.

Life goes on. Markai goes back to work as a grocery cashier. When she's done with her shift, James is waiting for her outside. He's apologetic, wanting Markai to forgive him. And she says that the biggest gift she could give Za'Karia is to let her daddy be in her life. But he's mad when she doesn't automatically forgive him and starts yelling. Then the fight gets physical before they both end up in tears.

Two days later, Markai's dad Marcellas swings by to meet his granddaughter, who's now 2 months old. Marcellas blames himself for the troubles his daughter is experiencing, but he says baby Za'Karia is not a mistake.

Having the baby brought Markai closer to her dad, but she feels like it pulled her away from her mom Sarina -- and from baby daddy James. In the end, though, they're back together, hoping and trying to work it out, just like the rest of us. 

Do you think it's wise to try to stay together for the kid? Or should they move on and up, like Teen Mom's Maci and Ryan?

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