Argentina 'Dancing With the Stars': Dirtiest Dancing Ever!

Argentina DWTS Silvina Escudero Nicolas ScillamaArgentina, you win. You take the medal for dirty, dirty, dirty reality TV, okay? 

Dancing for a Dream, the Argentinian version of our DWTS and part of a TV series called ShowMatch, takes "dancing" into XXX-rated territory.

After the jump, if you're up for a little hot and bothered, you'll see Silvina Escudero and Nicolás Scillama do an incredibly sexy dance on this show to Aerosmith's song "Crazy."

Let's just say Bristol Palin is seriously G-rated compared to this stuff, and this show's dancing makes Pamela Anderson's hot cha cha come off like an old woman knitting in a rocking chair.


On Bailando por un Sueño, translated as Dancing for a Dream but could easily be called Dancing for a Wet Dream, celebrities are paired with regular people who want to have a wish granted. In the case of Nicolás Scillama, who was paired with Argentinean television celebrity, Maxim and Playboy model, and sex kitten Silvina Escudero, I think his wish might have already come true.

Their dance consists of all kinds of simulated sexual acts, including oral sex, both kinds, as well as mutual hands-on fondling, power play, and many sex positions, some rather acrobatic in nature. The most shocking, for me, is definitely Silvina's post-coital wipe down, if you know what I mean, with Nicolás's shirt. Ay, carumba! The ending is also very risque when Nicolás actually removes Silvina's bra and there's some very real mouth-to-breast action going on. Ay yi yi!

This is television, folks!

See for yourself (but I warned you! XXX)

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What do you think of Argentina's Dancing With the Stars? Are you blushing?


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