Kurt & Blaine on 'Glee': Friends or Lovers?

Darren CrissHooray for Kurt! His new prep-school pal Blaine, played by San Francisco native Darren Criss, will be back for several more episodes. Though exact details have yet to be ironed out, he’ll not only be a series regular this season, he’ll return next season as well.

But what does this mean for Kurt? Should Blaine become his boyfriend, or are they better off as pals?


Boyfriends on TV shows don’t have a very good history. On Will and Grace, Will couldn’t settle down (even with Taye Diggs!) because, come on, it was a sitcom and it would have ruined everything. Stanford and Anthony got together on Sex and the City, but that always seemed like it was only because they were both gay -- when Charlotte first tried to hook them up, they hated each other. (Then again, how many heterosexual characters do we know like that? Only all of them, at least in the movies.) On the final episode of Six Feet Under, we learned that David and Keith stayed together for life, and their relationship was sexy and (sometimes) sweet.

Matt, on the original Melrose Place, was gay, but you only knew that because he kept saying so. When he did have a boyfriend on that show, they expressed their affection with a peck on the cheek and those back-thumping guy hugs -- if that’s gay, then every Italian guy in Brooklyn is a big H-mo. And of course there are the ever-changing relationships on Queer as Folk, but uh ... I didn’t watch that. Did you?

Lesbians fare slightly better, I guess because we’re more comfortable seeing ladies smooch than men -- why is that? Anyway, Willow and Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the obvious example. They were the first couple put in place not just to lock lips for a titillating sweeps-week episode.

Of course, we’re now living in the age of Modern Family, in which Mitchell and Cameron are the most steady married couple on the show and have an adopted daughter, Lily. Will we someday see Kurt and Blaine with a little stroller? Probably not -- it’s a high-school romance, after all. But a gal can dream, can’t she?

Who’s your favorite gay couple on TV? Do you think Blaine should be a pal or a boyfriend to Kurt? Tell us in the comments!

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