'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Delusional Divas on Display

Real Housewives of AltantaEnlarged egos and supreme self-importance were out in full force during this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It's difficult to say just which lady was the most full of sh&t herself this week.

Contender #1: Cynthia

I knew she seemed too sane to be on the show, and tonight she gave us a glimpse at what's really behind that pretty face.

After three years, her boyfriend Peter finally proposed, though his manner of doing so wasn't to her liking. Admittedly, it was less than intimate as he did it in the middle of a surprise anniversary party NeNe and some others had thrown for her. But she was more worried about her "lashes" that she had removed than anything else.

When trying on wedding dresses, she had a problem.

I'm a model. I can't tell if this dress looks great on me or I'm just making this dress look great.

She wasn't joking.

Is it wrong to hope she trips when walking down the aisle?


Contender #2: Sheree

Sheree's ego has been evident since the beginning, so it was only the degree to which we saw it displayed that was surprising. After showing off her new Aston Martin, she decided to show off her dance "skills" for Dancing Stars of Atlanta to benefit Alzheimer's disease.

She brought her own makeup crew, even though organizers had told her they would take care of it.

"You gotta be skilled to touch this face," she said in that joking-but-I'm-really-serious manner.

As for her actual performance ... it wasn't good. It was a strange mixture of yawn-inducing boring and laughable entertainment.

Sheree, of course, gave herself high marks.

"I looked damn good out there," she said.

Beg your pardon?

Contender #3: Kim

Some people find it strange that I decorate my office with pictures of myself. What I have to say to them is, "Eat s*&t and die."

Okay, then.

During the dance competition, Kim couldn't get enough of Kroy Biermann or his ass (he's a pro football player and was competing in the dance competition). After she flirted with and fawned over him, he asked for her number.

Do I think he'll call me? Duh, would you call me?

I would have so bet NO, but apparently he did because the two are still reportedly dating in "real" life and may be headed down the aisle soon.

Contender #4: Phaedra

I hate to even include Phaedra in tonight's competition because in her short stint on the show so far, she's shown nothing but ego.

But her pregnancy preparations were so self-centered and ridiculous, she can't be excluded either.

Her wardrobe came first and foremost as she got ready for the whole "childhood mess" and prepared to be induced since the baby was "ready to climb out of my vagina."

Thoughts of putting some research into choosing formula and "penis anointment" (for after the circumcision) just annoyed her.

So cast your vote -- which housewife has the biggest ego?

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