'Amazing Race' Recap: Engagement in Oman!

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Chad & Stephanie
No Jumbotron, skywriter, or ring-in-the-dessert for Chad. He proposed to girlfriend (and teammate) Stephanie the Amazing Race way -- at 6 a.m. in the Southwest Asian country of Oman.

Stephanie said yes, and the team's description at the bottom of the screen officially changed from "Newly Dating" to "Engaged." I'm just happy the two made it to their proposal because they got off to a pretty rocky start this episode.


I think the footage of Chad and Stephanie's hotel door with audio of snoring was the first time I laughed out loud all season. The second time was just a bit later when that goat ate part of Nick and Vicki's clue.

Though Chad and Stephanie overslept two hours, they did a great job catching up and quickly moving into the lead. I have one suggestion for their wedding registry -- an alarm clock.

Curiously, the whole episode had a loose wedding theme. The first challenge had the teams searching for rings on a mountainside, and during the day's "Detour," the teams had the option to prepare a wedding stew. Later, teams delivered frankincense, which is often burned at weddings, to Ali Baba in the Souq (or in the "suit," as Vicki insisted).

However, nobody chose the wedding stew option, so we got to watch the teams deliver water instead. I was especially surprised that Chad and Stephanie didn't go with the wedding stew. C'mon guys. You didn't want to stick with a theme for at least one day?

Looks like they made the right choice, though, because they had a very strong day. After Jill and Thomas were slapped with a 30-minute penalty for paying a cab to lead them (guys, haven't we learned to stick to the rules?!), Chad and Stephanie nabbed first place and a trip to Belize. A honeymoon, perhaps?

The day wasn't as magical for beauty queen Mallory and her dad. They were last to the check point after struggling with driving directions earlier in the day and were eliminated. So much for a family team winning the race.

I'm not sure how much more we'll learn about Chad and Stephanie's pending nuptials, but I've got a few ideas. Why not bring back Connor and Jonathan, the "Glee team," to sing at the wedding? Kevin and Michael could film the day and Nick and Vicki could be the obligatory obnoxious guests at the reception. There are so many options.

Did you watch The Amazing Race? Do you think the women teams are slipping? Should host Phil officiate Chad and Stephanie's ceremony?


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