Same-Sex Dance Partners on 'DWTS' Is a Bad Idea

Israel Dancing With the StarsThis season, Israel's version of Dancing With the Stars included a same-sex dance couple: openly gay sportscaster Gili Shem-Tov and heterosexual dancer Dorit Milman. And it looks like the trend is going to cross the ocean to our DWTS.

DWTS is supposedly planning to feature a same-sex couple for next season, and Portia DeGeneres is a front runner for the star spot.

While the idea sounds great in theory (especially if Portia is going to be shaking her booty!), watching the actual video of the two Israeli girls dancing together totally killed it for me. A lot of the moves just reminded me of those times when my girlfriends and I made up dances to Ace of Base during slumber parties in my parents' basement.

The dancing should have fire, passion, intensity -- regardless of whom you're tangoing with. Hey, who knows, maybe the star just truly sucks (lord knows we have our own bad dancers *cough* Bristol *cough*).


Even if the girls' dance looks bad strictly because of lack of talent, there are other disadvantages to same-sex couples, no matter how good of a dancer they are such as:

  1. A lot of the dance moves were created for a man and a woman to perform together, based on the way their bodies go together. The move may come across as awkward if done by same-sex couples.
  2. Women don't have the upper body strength like men do, so a girl-girl pairing is at a disadvantage in that they may not be able to succeed in lifts. Not fair!
  3. Two pretty women (as opposed to just one) in sparkly outfits will totally take the attention away from their footwork.
  4. Sorry boys, but you can't do the Cha-Cha without some boobs and hips. Major disadvantage for a guy-guy pair.
  5. I predict a large increase in males between the ages of 16-25 voting (for the wrong reasons). Dude, it's two girls together. Heh heh heh.
  6. People will vote (or not vote) for them just because their lifestyle choice -- not because of their skill level. It's like saying, Oh, I'm going to vote for her because she's a teen mom. Oh wait, WE ALREADY DO THAT. 

What are your thoughts on same-sex partners for DWTS? Think it's a good idea?


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